2014 Trenching and Excavating and Confined Space Entry Training

Accredited Training and Continuing Education Units or CEU's

Our Training is accredited.  It is the only Competent Person Training for Trenching and Excavating or Confined Space Entry that is accredited and accepted for continuing education units.

It works! What kind of training are you spending your money on for your employees? Greg Shreenan is a very highly regarded industry expert employed for 10 years as a shoring consultant and trainer with Trench Shoring Company He is a Master Trainer with NUCA and Competent Person Trains for the Association of General Contractors in Trenching and Excavating in both the Apprenticeship Trust and the regular class as well as teaching the EM385 Trenching and Excavating module for the 40 hr class for EM385.

Mr. Shreenan works with your employees to help them understand how to APPLY the general requirements of the standard to the actual job site.  "We focus on making sure that your employees are comfortable in their knowledge of what is necessary to be an effective Competent Person within the standard".

Our training is effective because it gives your Competent Persons specific tools to help them maintain compliance on the job site. Take the opportunity to explore how your company might benefit from this kind of training today. Call Greg Shreenan at 760-250-7799


What is OSHA Training?

OSHA Training is training employees to be OSHA compliant in their actions.  Construction has many disciplines that require specific training. These disciplines require that a specific person be trained as a "Competent Persons" in a given discipline.  The Competent Person designations for construction could include, Confined Space Entry, Trenching and Excavating, Fall Protection, Scaffolding and Hazardous Materials.

There are very specific requirements that need to be met in these areas.  The Competent Person is responsible for making sure that all employees are aware of and are following the specific requirements set forth by OSHA while working in conditions that could be dangerous, harmful or contain hazards.

Training is not an option and construction companies who fail to take the time to adequately train their employees will increasingly come under pressure as compliance is more strictly enforced.

Trench Shoring Company provides training for trenching and excavating and confined space entry competent persons.  Call the number at the top of this website with any questions you may have.

Remember that competency is demonstrated not certified.  Your people must be comfortable with this knowledge to be Competent Persons...come and get trained by one of the best instructors in Southern California.  Greg Shreenan is a Master Trainer for NUCA and has trained over a thousand people.  He is an outside Shoring rep for Trench Shoring Company as well so he is current with what is happening now.

Train your people to be OSHA compliant.  The return on investment is immediate and it pays to have a culture of compliance as the work is gravitating towards those companies who can work and be compliant in a very regulated environment.


Online OSHA Training

Competent Person Training Online

Online Competent person training can be effective if it is done right and for the right reasons.  Unfortunately it is usually just a shortcut to get a piece of paper to prove compliance.  Trenching and Excavating competent persons must know what they are doing.  An online course does not answer questions or clarify that which is not obvious.  There are many aspects to safely shoring a trench or excavation and only the basic elements can be covered in an online format.
The enforcement of OSHA regulations have been stepped up in many areas. Fines for even first time non-compliance can be in the tens of thousands of dollars.  Can you imagine your Competent Person telling the OSHA compliance officer that he took an online course?

Anyone can get a domain name and set up a website with an online training course.  These courses are hundreds of dollars.  The information is all available online for free.  Do yourself a favor.  Send your Competent Person to a Competent Person Class with an instructor who can answer questions and has credibility and experience in his/her field.  The return on investment is much, much greater.